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Participants in the Zurich Marató Barcelona can benefit from special discounts in a number of museums and tourist attractions, thanks to the coupons you will find in the runners’ magazine.


The hydrogen-powered model will be the official car of the next edition of the Barcelona Marathon, for the second year running.


This is the running watch par excellence, designed for runners who want to go further. It provides comprehensive data on your training sessions and competitions, which will motivate you to test your limits every day.


This will be the third time that a GEL-NIMBUS ™ is the official running shoe of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, on this occasion the GEL-NIMBUS ™ 22. Its previous version -in 2014 and 2018 with the 15 and 20 models respectively- set a precedent for the race. 


Viajes el Corte Inglés has prepared some great offers for accommodation, letting you just concentrate on the race.


If you have enrolled for the Zurich Marató Barcelona and you need to travel to Barcelona for the race, you can get a free return ticket on the suburban rail network with the ticket you will find in your runner’s bag.


ASICS has launched the latest incorporation into its energy saving family: EVORIDE ™. Weighing just 255 grams and with a recommended retail price of €130, EVORIDE ™ is the lightest and most affordable shoe in the RIDE family and continues the success of its predecessors METARIDE ™ and GLIDERIDE ™, launched last year. EVORIDE ™ is available in stores worldwide.


The Sports Expo site will host the traditional Pasta Party on Saturday 14th March. The event will bring together marathon runners from all over the world in a brotherhood meal less than 24 hours before the race.


Today 4th February is World Cancer Day It’s a day that unites people, communities and entire countries to raise awareness and take meaningful action. There’s no better time to support our world-class work by donating or wearing a Unity® band. Cancer is a global challenge. 

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