Migranodearena.org and Zurich Marató de Barcelona offer free solidarity race numbers

The Zurich Marató Barcelona 2020 does not live with its back to solidarity. For this reason, it encourages sports with values and offers you the possibility of supporting a social cause through the solidarity crowdfunding platform migranodearena.org.

What we propose is very simple: add a charity challenge to your sports challenge and support the organization you would like (NGO, foundation or association). For that, you will have a compensation: a free solidarity race number to participate in the marathon.

You can support the cause that interests you the most: health and medical research, social exclusion, international cooperation, childhood, environment, etc. At migranodearena.org there are more than 2,400 non-profit organizations to dedicate your marathon to.

To get one of the 100 free solidarity race number availables, you must create and lead a crowdfunding campaign at migranodearena.org and get a minimum of €500 among your friends, family and workmates, which they will be destined to the organization that you have decided to support.

How to get a free charity number?

To get a free race number for the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2020 you must:

1.Write an email to info@migranodearena.org with your personal information, confirming that you would like to reserve a charity number and detailing which organization you would like to support

2.Create your charity challenge in migranodearena.org by following these steps:

a.Enter migranodearena.org, register or login

b.Click the "Create your challenge" button

c.Select the category "Sports event" and the event "Zurich Marató de Barcelona2020"

d.Choose the NGO you would like to support

e.Describe your charity challenge: explain your story, add photos and a video, and establish the raising goal.

f.Share your charity challenge: encourage all your friends and family to collaborate in your challenge.

3.Migranodearena.org will manage your registration and once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email, in the same way as if you had registered through the traditional way.

Solidarity podium:

Getting involved in charity, in addition, will allow you to have the option of getting on the official podium of the event. The three people (or groups) that have managed to raise more funds in their solidarity challenges (crowdfunding campaigns in migranodearena.org), will be awarded the same day of the competition with a kit of sports equipment donated by Asics and will go up to the official podium of the Zurich Marató Barcelona. The participation to the podium will close on March 13th at 10:00am

Examples of charity challenges de la Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2018:

Here you can see examples of charity challenges led by runners on last year's marathon.

Next, you will see two very successful charity challenges from last year:

migranodearena.org's contact:

To book your solidarity race number or to ask for more information please contact migranodearena.org at info@migranodearena.org.