Zurich Marató de Barcelona participants will have to get their dorsal at the Expo Sports, located at the pavilion nº 8 in the Fira de Barcelona at the Avenida Mª Cristina, Friday 9th or Saturday 10th March between 10h and 20h.

The Expo Sports enclosure located at the pavilion nº 8 of the Fira de Barcelona at Avenida Mª Cristina, will be the place where all participants will have to pick up their dorsal, runner bag and t-shirt.
It will be necessary to present the DNI or passport with the email where the dorsal number is indicated (you can ensure it at the race web following this link.
If you can’t assist, another person will be available to get it with a copy of your DNI or passport and the email with your dorsal number.
First of all, you will have to get the dorsal and the runner bag at the entrance, then, at the other side of the enclosure next to the exit, you will have to get your t-shirt.
Where: Feria de Barcelona. Avenida Mª Cristina (Pavilion nº8)
Dates: 9th and 10th march, 2018
Schedule: Between 10:00h and 20:00h

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