Don't miss this opportunity of being present at one of the most important running fairs in Europe, with more than 60.000 visitors, next to the main brands of the sector.

Do not waste the opportunity to be present at one of the most important fairs in the world of running in Europe, with more than 60,000 visitors, next to TOP brands and the major marathons in Europe.

The Expo Sports is an excellent opportunity, in an atmosphere of sport and celebration too:

    · Submit your news and learn major public reaction.
    · Having presence of an audience predominantly customer or potential customer of your products or services.
    · Promote your products or services for runners.
    · Make business contacts with current and potential customers.
    · Reinforce your brand image.
    · Learn about industry developments and trends.
    · Consolidate or increase your market share in Catalonia and areas of influence.
    · Lectured at a space dedicated to the presentations of the sports world.
    · Highlight the experience of the advertiser, offering runners valuable advice.

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