Sustainable marathon

Once again, the organization of the Zurich Marató Barcelona will put in place the measures to minimize the impact of the sport activity on the environment.
The Zurich Marató Barcelona desires to be something more than a sporting event, or a great civic and citizen participative party. The marathon wants to become an event noticeable by the respect to the environment, with a series of measures that will make it more sustainable.
The Zurich Marató Barcelona offers you some very simple tips with which you may contribute to improve the quality of life in the city and all its citizens.

Barcelona is a city with a wide network of public transportation, which allows you to go everywhere without having to use the car.
It is easy to get to the start/finish area, situated near of the Plaça Espanya Station, of the Zurich Marató Barcelona with public transportation:

The organization made an agreement with TMB to increase the frequency of the trains during the morning of the event.

L1 Red: from Hospital de Bellvitge (Bellvitge) to Fondo (Sta. Coloma de Gramanet)
L3 Green: from Zona Universitària to Trinitat Nova



These are the bus lines that pass by the Plaça Espanya

13. 23. 37. 46. 50. 65. 79. 91. 150. 165 and V7



Estació Sants: less than a 15 minutes walk from the start area
As per the agreement made between the organization and RENFE RODALIES, all the participants of the Zurich Marató Barcelona will be able to travel for free in the day of the race.

These are the lines that go to Estació Sants:
R11. R12. R13. R14. R15. R16


Enjoy a bicycle ride through Barcelona, the city will look even more beautiful! The start/finish area of the Zurich Marató Barcelona has 15 stations available within a radius of 750 meters.

Yellow for plastic, blue for paper and green for glass
Recycle everything! In each corner of the city you will find recycling containers. Otherwise, in the green spots of your city you will be able to recycle all kind of materials.
To meet the recycling needs and selective collection during the course of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, we have implemented a cleaning service complemented with:
19 large containers for cardboard
85 large containers for plastic
18 large containers for organic product
18 large containers for waste
100 cardboard waste baskets

Apart of that, we have implemented a mechanism to collect all the t-shirts that the runners discard at the start and also to collect the rental timing chips.

Chemical toilets
You will find more than 200 chemical toilets and urinals at your disposal.

Help us preserve our planet!